DTB: Vol 20, No 3. May - June 2012

Calcium supplements: Are we doing it right?

There are data supporting that calcium supplements can increase cardiovascular risk, but these are hardly consistent when compared to calcium associated with vitamin D. In persons under 70 years and with an adequate diet, calcium supplements have not shown to be effective in preventing fractures. Menopause is not an indication for calcium supplements. Elderly patients can benefit from this treatment. Data on hip fractures and cardiovascular risk support the use of calcium combined with vitamin D. Key words: calcium supplements, cardiovascular risk, fractures, vitamin D.


  • JAVIER GARJÓN. Drug Prescribing Service. Navarre Health Service. Spain


Entrevista a Javier Garjón (farmacéutico) y a Milinda Rodríguez (médico de familia) sobre los efectos beneficiosos y dañinos de la suplementación con sales de calcio


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