DTB: Vol 27, No 3

Medicinal herbs: natural but no innocuous (Part 2)

The use of evening primrose oil is not recommended during gestation. Licorice’s use is not recommended in patients with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or receiving steroid, anticoagulant, antiplatelet or digoxin therapy due to their mineralocorticoid effects. The consumption of soy in women with hormone-dependent tumors is not considered safe. The use of green tea is associated with severe adverse events such as liver and cardiovascular diseases. Valerian supplements should be avoided in patients with liver or pancreatic disease, as well as concomitant use with other sedatives. The natural origin of these products does not mean that they do not cause any adverse events or drug interactions. Controlled studies evaluating the safety of the use of medicinal plants are necessary.


  • Amaya Echeverría Gorriti
  • Carmen Fontela Bulnes
  • Mª Teresa Acín Gericó
  • Natalia Alzueta Istúriz
  • Lorea Sanz Álvarez

Subdirectorate of Pharmacy. SNS-O

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