DTB: Vol 29, No 4

Antidepressant safe use, deprescription and switching guideline

Bol Inf Farmacoter Navar. 2021;29(4):1-23

When planning the treatment of depression it is necessary to consider, initially, whether the prescription of an antidepressant drug is actually indicated in that specific situation.

Secondly, it is crucial to think about the characteristics and comorbidities of the patient when selecting the most appropriate drug. In this regard, before adding a new drug, pharmacotherapy must be optimised by increasing the dose, waiting for the appropriate amount of time and considering switching to another antidepressant.

Finally, treatment must be reassessed periodically considering that such treatments are not for life and withdrawal of the drug gradually and with the patient’s consent should be evaluated to increase the likelihood of a successful withdrawal.


 Oihane Goñi

 Medicines Advice and Information Service

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