The Drug Bulletin
The Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin of Navarre (DTB-Navarre) is a free publication of the Drug Information Unit of the Navarre Regional Health Service in Spain.

It is addressed towards the health care professionals and its main objectives are to promote the rational use of drugs and provide useful information on current treatment of common diseases. Ultimately it is intended to contribute towards a better health care for patients and to the sustainability of the Public Health System as well.
All topics are selected by the Editorial Board and articles are also reviewed by this committee. The drafts are submitted for review to both national and international experts on the topic.

The DTB-Navarre is a full member of the International Society of Drug Bulletins

​​​​​​​Editorial policy. Non-commercial reuse of the contents of the articles in any medium is allowed provided the original work is properly cited


The editorial board is formed by doctors, pharmacists and methodologists. The Chairman is the Deputy Director of Pharmacy of the Navarre Health Service, while the Head of the
Unit of Drug Assessment, Advice and Research is the Editor.

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