DTB Navarre. Vol 17, No 1. January - February 2009

The role of antileukotrienes in children

The only therapeutic indication of antileukotrienes is in the management of asthma. In persistent asthma randomized controlled trials have shown that antileukotrienes are more effective than placebo, but less than inhaled steroids. In exercise-induced asthma, leukotrienes proved to be a useful alternative to short-acting beta 2 agonists. Given the current evidence with regard to clinical benefits, the prescription of these agents has exceeded its corresponding role. This may be due in part to the ease in use when compared to other agents employed in the treatment of asthma. Antileukotrienes are well tolerated among the majority of the population. Currently the FDA is carrying out a study to evaluate the safety of montelukast and its association with changes in behaviour and suicidal thoughts.


  • Ana Azparren. Drug Information Unit. Navarre Regional Health Service. Spain
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